What Is A Primary Function Of The Cisco Ios Ip Service Level Agreements Feature

The measurement of network performance is pretty cool, but what makes IP SLA even more efficient is that you can combine them with static routes, routing and routing protocols based on guidelines like OSPF or EIGRP. 32. What is the Cisco feature that sends copies of images that enter a port to another port on the same switch to perform a traffic analysis? For those who don`t know what MOS means, I just wanted to share some basic information: – Allows customers to provide new applications and services with confidence. Transparency of performance, shorter deployment times for new applications, improved acceptance of critical services, and proactive identification of problems require greater reliability. It can be a simple thing like a ping in which we check the roundtrip time, or something more advanced, like a VoIP rtp package, where we check the delay, we jboose and calculate a MOS score that will give you an indication of the quality of speech. a service that provides on-demand access to the resources released. Which cloud computing service would be best for a new organization that can`t afford physical servers and network equipment and needs to acquire networked services when needed? Checks and monitors quality of service (QoS) and distinguishes service levels. 51. Refer to the exhibition.

A user turns on a PC after it has been serviced and calls the Helpdesk to report that the PC does not seem to reach the Internet. The technician asks the user to issue the arp-a and ipconfig commands. What are the two possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.) 160. See the exhibition. A network administrator implemented the configuration in the displayed output. What is missing in the configuration that would prevent OSPF updates from being passed on to the Frame Relay service provider? Path control is the mechanism that changes the default package transfer on a network. It is not quality of service (QoS) or MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE). Trail Control is a collection of tools or a series of commands that can change the routing protocol transmission table or bypass the default package transfer.

Processing routing information may be necessary to achieve better security from failure, performance or availability on your network. 216. What is the function of IPSec`s security services that prevents the use of sequentical numbers Spoofing by checking that each package is not duplicated and unambiguous? Now you have an idea of what it`s all about with IP SLA, we`re looking at how to set up a process. 55. What is a feature of the multiplexing dense wavelength range (DWDM) technology? 215. A network engineer designs an IPsec VPN between Cisco routers for a national bank. Which algorithm guarantees the highest confidentiality for VPN data crossing? IP-SLA (Service-Level Agreement) is an excellent feature on Cisco IOS devices, which can be used to Ā«measureĀ» network performance.