State Of Maine Master Agreements

If you have any questions, want more details about the agreements available, or if you feel that the agreements mentioned above do not apply to you and that you need an alternative option, please contact the Apple Contracts team at You`ll find service options, including AppleCare, on Apple`s support page. The State of Maine has a contract with Carahsoft for Cloud Solutions. This contract vehicle is an addendum involved in the renewal of Carahsoft`s NASPO ValuePoint contract. All public bodies in the State of Maine are able to use this contract vehicle to obtain cloud solutions through a state treaty. For states that do not use a participating addition or addition that covers only certain entities, other authorized entities may participate in a master`s contract, as described in a participation document for eligible entities provided by NASPO ValuePoint. Please read the authorization document for the details of the authorization. If you have any questions about participating in NASPO ValuePoint master contracts, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination team at [email protected]. A participating addendum (PA) is generally used by a Chief Official Procurement State (CPO) to establish a state contract linked to a NASPO valuepoint management agreement. The Palestinian Authority identifies clear conditions for a state and identifies public authorities and other eligible state entities that are authorized to participate in the agreement. A State CPO may issue A.P.s, which allow participation as follows: at the federal level – provides for the participation of all public and local authorities and other eligible bodies only within the state – provides only the participation of public authorities, only eligible bodies – provides for the participation of local authorities and other eligible bodies, but prohibits the participation of state authorities Please verify participation in the criteria. List of contracts lists national service contracts that are available to all government departments.

Community Colleges, Public Higher Education, Public and Private K-12, State and Local Government Agencies. (Education) (Government) Apple Inc.Mail Stop: 186-ED12545 Riata Vista CircleAustin, TX 78727 Here is a list of master`s contracts drawn up by the Purchasing Services Department for use by state services. Maine municipalities and school districts can also participate in many of these contracts. Or contact us: Bethany BlackwellProgram Manager (703) 230-7435 Under the «Muni» column, a «Y» indicates that municipalities can participate in contract prices, but must develop their own individual contract with the supplier. An «N» indicates that the contract and the prices of the municipality`s participation are not available. Municipalities should contact the appropriate buyer for more information. In the «Dept» column, the code provided indicates whether the contract was established for «All» State Departments or only the specific department code.